Below are a few videos of some waterfalls we have built in Santa Barbara, Ca.

This first one is one of my favorites.
It shows a series of waterfalls into a Koi pond.
We used a combination of man made and real rocks to create this.
Can you tell which rocks are man made and which are the naturals?

These next two videos are of a nicely landscaped creek system that meanders over four hundred feet through the client’s property.

This video is the view from inside a custom built cave that we made.
It has a ten foot high waterfall.

Below shows a series of waterfalls into a Koi pond. The waterfalls were built using faux and natural rocks and boulders.

This next video below shows a a Koi pond with multiple waterfalls. Our original work on this property was done in 1995 when we were hired to build a 100′ long circulating stream. In 1996 a new owner asked us to return and extend the stream an additional 100′. In 2007 new owners had someone contact us to extend the system more by adding another larger pond at the end with multiple waterfalls. This is one of the coolest ponds I’ve ever built. I believe the reason it came out so nice is because of the key players that were involved. The Landscape Designer is amazingly gifted, the homeowners are extremely talented, the landscaper knows his business and the Hardscape contractor had all the right machinery. I’m posting this video at the end of 2010. I finished this job at the end of 2007 and shot this video in 2009 when all of the plants have established and grown in.
It is really nice to just hang out and listen to the sound of the waterfalls.

Video showing before and during construction pictures of rock placement and a video of the completed pond.